Realize, Reimagine,
Relearn & Redo.

Becoming a data driven organization is to become the relearning organization. This in turn requires a new operational model. That model is built around constant disruption of the status quo.

Realize, Reimagine,
Relearn & Redo.

Becoming a data driven organization is to become the relearning organization. This in turn requires a new operational model. That model is built around constant disruption of the status quo.

Disrupt.Re in 1 min. 

Disrupt.Re is a method to help organizations become future proof, have more fun and ultimately become awesome. 
There are many great methods for change out there. Created by some of the smartest people. What a majority of them seem to have in common is a metric ton of consultants working hard for many months. Disrupt is a modern, lean, people centered approach that use the safety of working on something inspiring to gradually introduce new ways of working. It’s pretty great.

The process is 5 major steps

The first step is to accept that you have a problem. Sometimes this is clear for everyone, sometimes it’s not obvious for anyone. But this is the first step and it can not be glossed over.

Meta patterns: From the moment we start the work, we introduce examples, tools and processes that pushes the employees in the direction that the result of the findings will be.

The fun begins! As a co-creative effort, the organization starts exploring what a future version of them could be like, what might the value creation be, how will it inspire employees and customers alike? All of the steps involve cross-functioning teams. This step is visual, engaging and inspiring. An immersive presentation is a key delivery of this step.

Meta patterns: We start the work in traditional workshops, introduce a simple and transparent way to share the work as it progresses and slowly build up a cross functional superpower within the organization. This has nothing to do with Digital Transformation, it’s about human behaviour. One key feature is that we will start playing with the idea of putting KPI’s on “freeze” for a while.

By now the organization has tried cross functional, prestige-free collaboration over teams and functions, new ways to explore technologies and track the value of new ways of working. It’s time to take the Reimagined organization from “future fantasy” down to a roadmap and start Relearning how to create value in a faster, better and more fun way.

Meta patterns: We introduce ways of coming up with things we want to test, validating and going back to tweak or disregard. We want this to be the loop that get faster and faster as the organization learn by doing and get better. It’s amazing what empowered people can do when they trust each other and feel safe.

The final practical step is to Redo old offerings in the new way, and finding the balance between old offering and new offerings based on the new way of working.

Meta patterns: this is a necessary step for employees and the organization as a whole to look back at the old way of doing things, how much we have evolved and for the work to go full circle and feel complete.

This is where we cork up the champagne! In this step we look at the KPI’s we put on “freeze” and we decide on which to keep on freeze, what new KPI’s we feel fit us better that maybe, just maybe, we could use the same innovation loop on our KPI’s as we now do with our offering?

Meta patterns: We should by now have a customer focused, co-creative organization that realize that the tools will keep changing, the processes will get better, and the only way to keep up is to constantly learn on the job.

A video-presentation describing the general flow of the disrupt methodology. This is how we work with it right now, it is constantly evolving and the principles allow for many ways to approach transformation. Enjoy!

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Advantages of the Disrupt.Re/ methodology:

Learn by Doing

Doing is the best way to understand, adapt and welcome change. 
Our approach to change (the result of digital transformation)  is inclusive workshops where we, together with employees, go through the drivers and forces that help shape the future version of the company/organization. 

Digital step-by-step

Adapting to digitalization is a process that requires time.

The effort and engagement by employees are the number one determinator if the outcome of digital transformation is going to be successful or not. Our approach is to slowly go from physical workshops to digital workshops and introduce smarter digital ways of working in small steps. 

Follow the progress

The best way to change the state of operation is leading by example.

Working with “the purpose of the organization” and how that is formulated in a vision concept that we co-create is all great. Even better is that we show what we are doing on an internal digital channel that gets updated frequently in a transparent way.

Grow in ability 

Once the work has progressed and a good base for communication is established – it’s time to prototype.

It doesn’t matter how you prototype in the beginning. Doing is doing, no matter how it is done. When the requirements for a really fast innovation loop grows you want to enable stakeholders to test things really fast. We are developing the Disrupt Innovation system. It’s a design system on steroids that is designed to empower everyone. 

“Tell Me and I Forget; Teach Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I will Learn”


Some of the takeaways

“What will our people actually learn?”

 It’s one thing to look at abstract descriptions, but what skills will we learn that enable us in the future?


The oldest skill of man, released in full swing within the organisation – going from meetings to digital cocreation. 

Design Thinking

The grandfather of empathic understanding. Yup, still worth learning like ABC.

Network effects

Understanding just how important the influencer of influencers is in the connected future – which is now. 

System Design

What is our role in the future? Understanding complex relationships is crucial. 


Understanding and practicing how to convey engaging stories to increase engagement. 


What should guide us as we get faster and better at acting on opportunities? No questions unanswered when we are done.

Prototype your future with the disrupt innovation system

More on the system soon. It’s pretty awesome.